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Table 1 Procedure in LSVM

From: Defect rate evaluation via simple active learning

1) For i=1,2,…,N, sample x i uniformly at random from \({\mathcal {X}}\), and obtain y i {±1} according to x i .
2) Obtain a linear discriminant function \(\tilde {h}(\boldsymbol {x})\) such that \(\{\boldsymbol {x}\ |\ \tilde {h}(\boldsymbol {x})=\boldsymbol {0}\}\) becomes the hyperplane which is equidistant from the centers of \({\mathcal {D}}\) and of inputs with y=−1.
3) Set \(\tilde {{\mathcal {X}}}=\{\boldsymbol {x}\in {\mathcal {X}}\ |\ \tilde {h}(\boldsymbol {x})<0\}\)
4) For i=1,2,…,M, sample \(\tilde {\boldsymbol {x}}_{i}\) uniformly at random from \(\tilde {{\mathcal {X}}}\), and obtain \(\tilde {y}_{i}\in \{\pm 1\}\) according to \(\tilde {\boldsymbol {x}}_{i}\)
5) Iterate 2) to 4) for K times
6) Estimate a discriminant function \(\hat {\boldsymbol {w}}\cdot \boldsymbol {\phi }(\boldsymbol {x})\) by SVM