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Fig. 4

From: Optimal control theory for applications in Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Fig. 4

(Color online) (Color online) Plot in the top-left and bottom panels of three possible steady-state syntheses. The synthesis in the top right is the transition from the top-left to the right-left cases. The parameters (Γ,γ) are respectively taken to be (1.90,0.5), (1.80,1), and (1.69,1.5), from top to bottom and left to right. The color code and the small insert indicate the control law used according to the position of the M point in the Bloch ball. The Bloch limit represents the circle of equation y 2+z 2=1. The times 0 and T correspond respectively to the initial and final times of the control field. The different quantities are unitless. The different quantities are unitless

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